Wildflower, Sage Brush, & Mountain Air

One of the many reasons why I love living in Wyoming is simply because summers here are the very best! There is no place like it- the fresh air, the abundant camp sites, and actually needing a campfire at night. There is something so peaceful laying out at night and looking up and seeing endless stars.


There is something juvenile and freeing about spending a free Sunday- chasing waterfalls, smelling wildflowers, and exploring dirt roads. From the moment I can remember I’ve loved being in the mountains. I love camping. I love the feeling of being “lost” yet totally knowing where I am. Forgetting my to do lists and giving everything else a rest.

Last weekend I went up to the beautiful mountains for a 48 hour retreat of pure quiet and serenity. I’m a firm believer in what any person really needs is a little bit of mountain air to clear their mind.
















Now I don’t know about you- but the BEST part of the camping is the eating- s’mores, burgers, fresh coffee. I thought I would share with you my all time favorite meal while camping! I love it so much now that my parents know what’s my favorite it’s what I want while I’m out in the woods. Ha! I mean I’m sure you could make it at home on your grill- I have never personally done it but I’m sure it will be delicious either way!

Tin Foil Dinners 

This dinner is one of the easiest dinners you will ever prepare! It’s so easy your husband or your kids can do it. There is no wrong or right way to cook it!



  1.  Prepare your work area- double up tin foil. This is where you are going to be assembling your dinner.
  2. Chop up any vegetables you want in your dinner I normally have carrots, cucumbers, green pepper, tomatoes, and avocado.
  3. Decide what meat you want- I had hamburger, steak, and bacon. You don’t have to precook the meat. When assembling your dinner- I normally put on the meat first and then moving onto veggies.
  4.  Add CHEESE! I normally use block cheese other than shredded cheese. I’ve used both cheddar and monterey jack cheese. Add spices- I use chives and dill.
  5.  Almost done! Add butter blocks or oil- both work well however; I rather use butter over oil. If you want to use oil I will say be careful with the oil. One time I added too much oil and having a stomach ache afterwards wasn’t the highlight of the trip! You don’t need a whole lot- it will help with it not being stuck to the tinfoil.
  6.  Drizzle lemon juice to enhance all the amazing flavors!
  7.  Roll up your dinner in your tin foil- make sure the coals are hot enough and then place the dinners onto the grill to cook. Normally I cook them for an hour. I will say while you ensemble your dinners don’t forget that everything will be grilled down. So if you think while you are creating your dinner if it’s too much you are probably on the right track.


Once your dinner is fully cooked take off your dinner off the grill and carefully unfold your dinner. I normally dump my dinner onto a plate and stir it all up. And for extra seasoning add salt and pepper. And finally bon appetite!

What is your favorite Summer activity?


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