How I Pack My Suitcase

‘Tis the season. The weather is getting warmer and schools are coming to a close that means summer vacations are upon us! Although traveling can be stressful for everyone and nerve wrecking. I wouldn’t say I am an anxious traveler but, I like my comfort to help ease any anxious feelings or any unexpected fear. I love traveling, I love seeing new places, I love meeting new people, and traveling with people I love. That doesn’t mean that sometimes I feel anxious being away from my comfort zone. I’ve found if I take my time and be prepared I feel comfortable and confident in what I pack without a fear of thinking I forgot something or stepping too much out of my comfort zone.


I’m probably an over analyst. I love schedules, and planners, and calendars. I always think my brain runs so crazy most days that I just can’t catch up. Most days I keep a notebook on me at all times. To write down- all my ideas, all the things I need to do, or even my grocery list!

When it comes to traveling that isn’t an exception. A couple weeks before departure date I write out all the things I need to finish before take off and then I write beside it a deadline or when I can finish that task. I feel actually writing it all out helps me get out of my mind and can actually visually see what I have to do. I always try to make sure I get everything taken care of before take off. You don’t want to be driving or sitting in a plane thinking of everything you have to do when you arrive back home or dreading your return. And then to help me stay organized I write out a list in different categories to pack. To help give myself a peace of mind.


Tips and Tricks

While writing my list I write out the different categories or bags I’m bringing and where I’m going to pack them for an example: if I’m flying I would write out Checked Bag. As the main point and then I will work with the sub-point. So under the main point I would write out:

-Checked Bag- 

Travel outfit (x3) 

8 Outfits 





Curling Iron/Straightner 

Blow Dryer 

– Bathroom Bag- 



Hair Oil

Leave in Conditioner 

Eye Makeup Remover 

Face Wash 


Morning Cleanser 

Zit Cream 






Cotton pads/Q-tips


Dry Shampoo 



Once I finish that I move on to the other bags I have such as: makeup bag, bed bag (which is a small makeup bag that I put in stuff I use before bed) and then carry on bag. Which I will speak more in detail about next week! 😉

Once I’m to the point of actually packing my bag I like to pack outfits that I feel like I am:

1. Comfortable 2. Confident

I think its a common thing for a girl to have certain things in her closet that makes her feel- beautiful, confident, comfortable that she feels like she can take on the world! And I don’t know about you- but packing clothes for a trip is always one of the most stressful parts for me. Maybe because I’m indecisive or never know exactly what I want. However; the last couple times I’ve packed to go somewhere. I always ask myself- how do I feel while wearing this? Do I feel confident? Do I love this? Maybe it’s the tendency to always pull something out of my closest that I know I love wearing that helps ease the packing progress. However; I think it’s the best place to start.


While I’m packing I like to lay out what I want to wear. And then after that I put out the undergarments I’m going to wear with them, and then any jewelry, then any shoes. Once I’m finished with all that I pull out my suitcase and take all the underwear, bras, and socks off the outfit and put it in the zip pocket in the suitcase. And then I take the jewelry from the outfits and place them in a small make up bag. Following that I take the shoes and place them in the empty suitcase. And then finally I put in the clothes.

Then I place the bathroom bag and hot utensils on top of that. All done! I find using this method helps me in so many ways! I can be done packing and feel good with what I brought and I’m not stressing about what I’ve packed or when I arrive looking at my clothes and asking myself- “what to wear” I can grab an outfit and already know how I will feel. The best part too is that if you make a list in a notebook you can always go back and see what you needed before and rewrite what you need this trip. Staying organized and prepared leads to having a stress free and fun vacation that you deserve!

Okay girls! Enjoy your vacation! We all need a little getaway every now and then! 😉




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