Current Favorites

When did this year go by so fast? Wasn’t it just April 1st? Some of my favorite things to watch and read are people’s favorite things from the previous months or likewise. I always find it so interesting hearing or reading what other people are enjoying. I am always into trying something new or finding something exciting. And what better way to start a new month showing what I’ve been loving.





  1. Benefit Hoola Bronzer ($29): Truthfully this one is an older favorite. I have been loving this bronzer for years. However; this past month I’ve been obsessed with using it for a new purpose. For using it on my eyes- paired with a little pit of eyeliner and mascara- something quick and easy to still get the definition of the eye and still keeping it simple and with a tanned and glowy look.
  2. Benefit Dandelion Powder ($15): This is a very new favorite. I’m already obsessed- and I haven’t even had it very long (only a couple hours) however; the reason this is in my list already. Is that I love the effect this powder gives. It gives that little effort to your checks that make you look a little rosy and healthy.
  3. Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealers ($8.99):  It’s at this time of year where in school you are getting minimum hours of sleep and the stress of finals are making you break out a lot more than normal. These concealers are meant to help conceal the extra redness in my face and to help brighten up my under eyes. I put this on after I moisturize my face and before I use my primer. And then after I use my regular concealer and instantly I feel my face looks so much more unified and more refreshed.


  1.  OGX Coconut Milk ($5.75):   Around this time last year I was noticing my hair was drying out and very brittle and taking forever to blow dry. I went to this hair dresser in Spearfish where I was living at the time- who recommend I use an oil like this to help with the split ends and the dryness in-between cuts. After using I can confirm- my hair feels so much healthier.  I squirt a dime size into the palm of my hands after showering and rub it into the ends of my hair.
  2. Rosarco Milk Leave in Conditioner ($20):  I finally decided to splurge a little on myself and signed up for the Fab Fit Fun box. And the first box I got was the Spring box- and let me tell you it’s awesome. This is one thing I got in the box. And I love it! I have never really used leave in conditioners before this one. I squirt this in after my shower and it helps with heat protection and leaving my hair feel nourished all day long.


  1. Lush Tea Tree Water ($22.95): Once again an oldie but a goodie. By nature I have combination skin. In the mornings it tends to be more dry and I’m always a little sleepy and out of sorts so to speak. I’ve been using this for years. However; I would always use it morning and night. Recently I switched to only using it in the morning. And it has been doing wonders for my skin. Before I do my makeup in the morning I feel like my skin is more awake and refreshed- even if I don’t get my six hours of sleep. Bonus- my foundation goes on a little bit better!
  2. Lush D’Fluff Shaving Cream ($12.95):  Ever since I started shaving my legs- I have had sensitive skin (ironically only on my legs?) If I use any razor or shaving cream I find myself breaking out and my legs are covered in red blotchy (painful) rashes and burns. Which makes wearing anything other than jeans out of the question! And who wants to spend their spring/summer in blue jeans!? Other than knowing this shaving cream is made out of natural materials and isn’t irritating my skin it is very gentle and smells like a strawberry patch- BONUS!
  3. Bath and Beauty Works French Lavender Hand Soap ($6.50):  I know I know this seems pretty weird huh- but I love hand soaps! I love knowing that once I leave the bathroom my hands are clean and smelling good too- HECK YEA. I don’t know why I love these soaps so much- but  knowing my hands are clean and that they smell good. Win win?
  4. Lush Reusable Bunch of Carrots ($12.99) *Last Chance!:  I have said it before and I will say it again- Lush just gets it right. Different seasons- the scents go hand in hand. I’m a huge believer in bubble baths- even in the heat of summer. I think sometimes I just need to escape reality and there’s nothing more refreshing to jump into a bubble bath to help ease away the worries of yesterday. I’ve seen other beauty bloggers and Lush creators talk about this for months and I knew I HAD to pick myself up a “bunch” can we just talk about how ridiculously adorable they are!? I almost don’t want to use it- almost!


I know this is kind of an interesting category- but bear with me. For as long as I can remember I have always had problems sleeping. My problem is the whole getting to sleep part- once I’m asleep I stay asleep. I always have blamed my insomnia problems on the fact that I have an over active imagination and that my brain is always going hundred miles per hour! However; I’ve made a vow to myself to help make sleep time important!

  1. Mystic Antidotes Calming Pillow Spray ($19.99):  While in Denver this past month I was walking around TJ Maxx and spotted this little gem! I had heard so many positive remarks on pillow sprays before. As I’ve read up on them and heard from others about it. I always thought yea that is nice for them but I highly doubt it would do anything for me. Oh boy was I wrong! I haven’t slept this hard and well for months! It doesn’t take me long to fall asleep anymore. I shake the bottle after pulling down my sheets and spray all over my bed and within the hour I’m fast asleep!
  2. Tranquil Essential Oil ($4.99): For Christmas my sister bought me an oil diffuser and I love it that I almost got a little sad that the sample Relaxation oil that came with it  ran out. In a effort to find another one similar to the one I loved so much I hit my local Walmart. And I found one probably just as good! Follow the instructions when purchased of putting in the water and then I normally squeeze four to five drops into the diffuser and allow it to do it’s magic!


  1.  Sunflower Hat ($12.00): I love hats. There I said it- yes sometimes it’s just easier to throw on a hat and walk out the door some mornings. I especially love them if I’m going to run some errands, go on a hike, camping, the list is endless. I found this one on a spur of a moment trip to Target and I just had to get it. Sunflower patterns just have that hold on me.
  2. Sunglasses ($12.00):  ‘Tis the season of sunshine! I love sunglasses! However; I’m horrible with sunglasses- I either break them, loose them, or misplace them. I try to buy the cheaper ones. I always pick- kind of the same ones- boring and mundane. Before I left to go to Denver I decided to pick up more unique ones. When I saw these at Walmart I knew I loved them! The dusty pink/rose gold accents- were different enough to pop any outfit I wear. And let’s be honest- I pretty much live in black anyway. 🙂


Any favorites aren’t completed without a random category!

  1. White Barn Lily of the Valley Candle ($24.50):  Just like  bubble baths- I think candles are good anytime of the year! I love candles I always think they make a room complete making the atmosphere whole. Switching out the cozy and “Christmas” ones and hello Spring! White Barn has some amazing ones in right now! I always think Spring floral scents always bring me back to my Grandma’s flower garden growing up. This one is hands down my favorite! Smells of my grandma and some of my favorite flowers. Perfect- not too overwhelming but just strong enough to make my whole room smell if I just had some cut flowers in the room.
  2. The Happiness Journal ($38.00): I’m a planner. Always have been probably always will be. I love journals and I love planning. I have a random obsession with planners and calendars lately. I bought this in January and I liked it but I thought somethings about it were a little far fetched and dare I say silly. I mean I know it’s good to reflect on the week and having weekly goals. The coming up with the weekly goals were the easiest! The problem was going back and reflecting and grading my week. But what I love is planning out my weeks and writing down goals and ideas for that week and accomplishing that. And besides it’s beautiful!

What about you- what are some of the things you have been loving lately?

And hello Spring. I’ve missed you- you are pretty awesome.


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