How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

In art class you are always taught to clean your brush until the water comes out clear. The reason being you don’t want anyone else to use that brush and mix colors and ruin the other artist vision.

When it comes to makeup brushes it’s kind of the same thing. It’s so important to wash out your makeup brushes for multiple reasons- well one there is bacteria on your face and then when you put on your foundation you are picking up the bacteria from the brush and then it continues. And the second reason is that it’s good to wash out your brushes frequently so when using new colors the colors will be more vibrant and with no residue from previous colors. I tend to stick to the same colors however when I want to shake things up in color wise I wash out the brush.


Even though cleaning your brushes can be a chore that isn’t very fun and takes awhile trust me your skin will thank you in the long run- especially if you are more prone of break outs especially during that time of the month ladies! And it will help cut out the bacteria.

Let the cleaning begin!


The first thing I do I bring all my makeup brushes and a bowl of water (or I just wash them in the sink but for this purpose I just used a bowl of water) And to clean them out I have been using a shampoo I had laying around but any would do.



I like to wash my makeup brushes in sections. I start with laying out my eye makeup brushes dampen the brushes in the water. Take the cleansing product of your choice swirl the brush in the palm of your hand and then rinse and continue until the water off your brush is clear.  And then repeat through all the other sections.


Once your brushes are clean and your water is dirty take the bowl and empty it (if you choose to use a bowl to wash the brushes) once you have clean water I always take my brushes and rinse them again to make sure all the soap is off the brushes and if my brushes were holding any stubborn makeup I repeat the same process.


After washing, and rewashing, and rinsing you are finally done! I like to leave the brushes out to dry on the towel for a little bit and then put them back in their jars to finish drying over night. And then when I wake up and do my makeup I am greeted with fresh and clean brushes!