Let’s Talk: Modesty

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.” – Edith Head 


I awoke this morning to the birds chirping and the sun shining through. That means one thing- HELLO SPRING! Time to shave off the winter weight: of extra sweaters, leggings, boots, and coats. It’s time to pull out the sun dresses, lighter colors, shorts, and sandals. However; there is often a misconception on fashion in the Spring and Summer times.

I love fashion. I love mixing and matching vintage style into simple and elegant pieces all awhile respecting myself and holding myself up to a certain standard. I always want to be modest. Not just for others around me but more for myself. I want to show the world that I respect who I am. And better yet whose I am. However; that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little bit of fun. That doesn’t mean I have to be covered head to to in yaarrrdds of fabric and endless layers. It means I can wear a dress that is a little bit above my knee, it means I can wear a shirt that has a deep “V”, and it means I can wear shorts a little shorter.

When you hear the word modesty what do you think? You think of skirts, turtlenecks, close toe shoes- well allow me to debunk some of those lies for you. It’s amazing what I hear when someone says- “I can’t find anything.” or “Modesty is this (fill in the blank)” well allow me to be frank. Modesty isn’t about covering up EVERY inch of your body, you don’t have to feel like you have to constantly be covered up or covering up. You can feel good about yourself and even better- you can love yourself! Modesty isn’t wearing clothes that a size or two bigger than your actual size or hiding your body. It’s about wearing clothes that are true to size and loving your body and embracing the size you are at the moment.

My best fashion advice I have ever heard was know yourself- know what shapes look good on you. Know what colors you feel confident in. And lastly know your size! It’s so import that your clothes fit you. Trends will come and go but the classics will never go out of style.

God created women. He knows the shape of a lady and we need to dress for the shape we have. That’s what is so beautiful of being a lady- there are so many shapes! We need to feel comfortable and confident in your look and what you wear. I don’t think that should be an issue.

For me I like to dress to impress for myself. I understand there are people in this world and that people make up an opinion before a word is even spoken. But I know for me- I always try to only show case one thing either my chest or a lot more leg. So lets say I wear short shorts I would pair it with a form fitting crew neck t-shirt and a shorter kimono on top. So the main focus is my legs. Or I would wear a longer skirt and wear a lower neckline.



Let’s begin with the bottom of the body being a girl means we have SO many different options for how we want to dress the lower parts of our body. We have shorts, skirts, jeans, and the list goes on. There are so many different subcategories in those categories alone. When you think of modesty you think of long maxi like skirts and jeans that don’t hug your leg. Well I’m sorry that isn’t the case. You can wear jeans that are skinny legged- to make it a little bit more modest don’t wear low rise that will display your underwear or having a muffin top hang out (which isn’t very cute to begin with!) Jeans are such a wardrobe stable! There are so many different options out there to dress up or down. There is a myth out there where it says if you wear jeans wear a longer top- I say NO! My rule of thumb here is- how are you wearing your top? Are you tucking it in? Are you leaving it out? How you put together an outfit is your masterpiece. You decide.

Next shorts: once again so many different categories there is shorts that go down to your knee there’s “short” shorts. Now- here’s my rule of thumb it is okay to wear shorts that are on the shorter side. See I love the idea of the shorter shorts. They make your legs look long and lean. And who doesn’t want that? However; I say you can still wear shorter shorts and still be modest. Are they showing anything? Can people see your butt cheeks? Is it a little bit longer in the back then- perfect!  If no- then maybe not wear those. I personally like high waist shorts they look better on my body type.  If it follows those three things then I don’t see any reason why your shorts should be to your knees.

Skirts are next! I love skirts! I’m going to combine my two favorite style of skirts. I love “skater” skirts I do stand by the fact that a skirt should be pass your fingertips OR to your fingertips. To make it a bit more modest you can always wear light tights under the skirt during the Spring days that are a little chilly. And in the days that are a little bit more like Summer wear some spandex under the skirt. Not showing anything but still being able to wear a shorter skirt. Now onto a length I’m obsessed with right now- I like to call my “Audrey Hepburn” length. Which is the mid length. I’m loving having a skirt meet a little bit above my knee and a little high waist instead of all the way to the floor. *Side Note: I’m 5’5 on the “shorter” side  of a 5’5 women and I feel like  maxi skirts can sometimes look like they are eating me. It looks like I’m shorter than I am. That’s why I LOVE the mid length that hit me right above or below my knee. Giving me a little bit more height*



Like bottoms there are so many different types of tops some that are more form fitting, halter tank tops, spaghetti tank tops, baggy, V neck, and the list goes on. I say you shouldn’t be afraid to rock any of them! I personally love the form fitting t-shirts tucked into high waist shorts and skirts. A blouse is always a good option-  tucked into bottoms wear a cami underneath and easy outfit. Deep “V” shirts and baggy t-shirts I always say are the perfect companion to a simple pair of jeans. Rule of thumb: with a deep “V” bend down- can you see your bra? Then the V is too deep without something under it. If not skip adding an unnecessary layer.



I love dresses. I’m a girly girl at heart. I love lace and floral. And doing spins in a fancy dress. And I always think it’s always the easiest option when getting up in the morning. With a lower “V” in a dress you don’t want to wear a heavy cami if you aren’t wearing leggings and want to keep it light and airy sew the “V” up a little bit to the desired length. Don’t be afraid to rock a little spaghetti strap dress and don’t be afraid to wear a shorter length dress I always say if it follows the rule of a shorter skirt go for it!

Like makeup- fashion is so much fun. With fashion you can be anything. Why do you think little girls (and little boys) love playing dress up, spinning, and strutting. The main “secret” in all this is that whatever you wear you feel beautiful and confident. How you present yourself to people is what people will take away from it. I always ask myself before leaving my house: “What do I want to say with this outfit?” and “How do I want to be treated”. When out shopping I always ask myself- “Do I really love it?” “How can I incorporate it into my wardrobe” “How can I fix it to make it more modest?” We are all uniquely beautiful- how it hangs on a hanger is just that- “hanging” once you put it on it takes on a whole new life!

Don’t be afraid to dress modest. Don’t be afraid to rock clothes that will speak to you that will showcase who you are: a beautiful daughter of God. And honestly that’s probably the best job you will ever have. Modesty is always more than wearing a trash bag its more about being respectful to yourself for yourself.


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